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Discovering & Living Your Purpose

We are living in unprecedented, uncertain and trying times as the Corona Virus epidemic increase its stronghold in some countries whilst others are slowly emerging from a prolonged period of stringent lockdown and a resultant economic meltdown. The uncertainty brought about by COVID19 extends to parents and learners in as far as schooling is concerned. Whilst Parents don’t know what is going to happen for sure with their children’s academic year, learners are beginning to feel hopeless and unsure about their future amidst all the upheaval.

It is important to note that during this time, feelings of anxiety, hopelessness and uncertainty are normal and need to be acknowledged.

One way to mitigate this sense of loss and lack of purpose is to sit down and relook at what your purpose in life is. Learners may ask “what am I passionate about and what makes me excited” and then, “What future career will allow me to live my passion?” and how can I work towards it?”.  Niël Steinmann wrote what people are asking is ‘How can I be more meaningful? What can I do with my life that is important?’

Even in these turbulent times you can control some aspects of your life and discover meaning again.

Finding your purpose is a process of discovery. It is already in you, you just have to uncover the veils to see what it is. Career guidance is a tool to help you discover your purpose by assessing your aptitudes, personality type, interests and your values. These tools can help you either confirm what you already know or put you on a path of illuminating self-discovery. In this process, you can discover what is meaningful in your life, what your passions are and which values are important to you to live your purpose.

Purpose answers the question: “Where am I going?”

With proper guidance, you can discover your purpose and with this put control back in your hands during these times of uncertainty. Learners and parents can focus on long term goals to achieve living this purpose. Take the power back by taking control of what you can.

Set small achievable goals at first. For example, choose subjects, pass grade 10, pass grade 11, evaluate your progress and seek more guidance to tertiary courses,  pass matric (however the time it may take), enrol in your chosen course, take it year by year until you have completed the necessary training. Training can take up many forms today, you can build up a series of certificate courses online, or choose to go to a Tertiary Institution and study for your dream job there. The qualifications will culminate into you entering the job market, living your purpose and making a meaningful contribution to society. Living your purpose will leave a legacy.

“Musicians must make music, artists must paint, poets must write if they are to ultimately be at peace with themselves. What human beings can be, they must be” – Abraham Maslow.

Discover the clarity you need to make a purpose driven decision about your future

Uncover where your passion and natural ability meet so that you can make subject choices as well as tertiary education decisions that support your dreams and help you to make an impact.

These in-depth sessions can be conducted in-person and online!

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