Adolescent Career Guidance (Grades 10-12)

Career Guidance Counselling & Psychometric Assessments

Independent Practice | B. Com (HRM), BA (HONS)PSY | PMT 0055964 Reg: no 0159727

Subject Choice Guidance

Discover options for subject choice selections that are in line with your passions and abilities.


Discover new insights into your personality and find clarity on your journey.

Tertiary Education

Investigate viable options for tertiary education so you can make an impact.

Discover the clarity you need to make an informed decision about your future

Uncover where your passion and natural ability meet so that you can make subject choices as well as tertiary education decisions that support your dreams and help you to make an impact.

These in-depth sessions can be conducted in-person and online!

Medical Cover Notice

It is important to note that this Practice is contracted out.

Clients must settle their bills upfront with the practice, after which they may elect to personally claim back the costs incurred from their respective medical aids. The scope of cover will vary greatly depending on the medical scheme or benefit option you are on.

You are strongly advised to contact your respective medical aid scheme and inquire which benefits are available to you.

The Council for Medical Schemes website holds a database of all registered medical schemes in South Africa. To obtain the contact details of your medical scheme, simply click on this link to access the Council for Medical Schemes lookup tool.

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