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Independent Practice | B. Com (HRM), BA (HONS)PSY | PMT 0055964 Reg: no 0159727


Look at the direction of your career with newfound clarity and excitement!


Discover what you love and how to integrate this into a career that fulfills you


Make an impact by doing what you love most in the world.

Are you clear on your purpose?

Or are you feeling overwhelmed
and anxious about what the future holds?

Are you:

  • Feeling anxious and overwhelmed by
    your lack of clarity?
  • Struggling to integrate what you love with
    what you’re good at?
  • Feeling pressurized by family and educator
    opinions about your life’s direction?
  • Working in a field that’s not lighting your
    soul on fire?
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Hello, I'm Barbara

In my journey, I’ve realised that my greatest passion lies in helping young people to connect with their purpose so that they can make an impact on the world in a way that brings them lasting joy and fulfilment.

I’ve worked as a registered Psychometrist in independent private practice in the field of career guidance for over 15 years where I’ve helped hundreds of incredible learners to align with their purpose and step into a space where their dreams become possible – regardless of their current circumstances.

My qualifications in Human Resources Management (B.Com), Psychology (BA-HONOURS), and Psychometry as well as my five years experience in talent management and development within the mining industry all aid me on my mission to share clarity and hope with our future leaders.

I believe that we have a chance to make a change and impact the lives of young people in a way that will shape their destinies. I envision a world where our learners make the kinds of study and career decisions that leave feeling them fulfilled and engaged.

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Complete clarity when it comes to the next steps in your career?

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More fulfillment in your work and studies?

90 000+ hours

This is the average amount of time we spend at work during our lifetime. Are you confident that
you’ve made the right career decision?

Here's how I can help you align with your goals:

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