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Planning for a career is your life long journey

Matriculants have one year left of “School” and many are excited, yet at the same time unsure and maybe a little scared about what their future holds. As most adults know a career takes up most of one’s time, however in today’s world there are many creative ways in which people work and make their lives fulfilling and significant.
Grade 9s also need to make subject choices soon and find themselves asking a lot of questions relating to their future. It is time for them to start thinking about their future and how they will live meaningful lives.

How many young adults know what they want to study? How many know what they are working towards once leaving school? Thoughts such as “Do I take a gap-year to explore career choices” or “Do I immediately begin with my studies?” or “I have no idea of who I am or which career I need to pursue?

Parents question: “How do I find the most fulfilling career suited to my child’s unique abilities and personality?

Choosing a career specific to your own abilities, gifts and talents requires you to get to know yourself. More simply put, every person is different, and for every different person there is a unique different job. A certain level of maturity, honest self-examination and self-knowledge is needed to make informed career decisions to match yourself to the most suitable occupation. There are so many exciting new careers and opportunities to choose from nowadays.

Assessments not only focuses on children wanting to make career choices, but career paths may also change over time as you grow, gain more knowledge of yourself and develop new interests. Periodic assessment enables you to continually update and improve your skills as well as identify development areas, both professionally and personally.

It is critical to have your child assessed; their abilities, personality, interests, life values, needs , expectations etc, and it is even more important that a qualified professional conducts these assessments (only Registered Psychometrists and Psychologists are allowed to conduct, interpret and give feedback regarding assessments). In addition, it is important that at least three types of assessments need to be conducted, such as aptitude, interests and personality, to give ethical and informed career guidance.

Adults often ask: “Is it ever too late to change my career?” The answer is: “Never”, it is never too late to change direction or learn something new. An example in my own practice was where I had the opportunity to assess and give career guidance to an elegant lady in her sixties. After 2 years she completed her chosen course and has been freelancing in her chosen field of interest.

So, whether you have a child who needs to make a critical career choice or you find yourself at a crossroads in your own career, can you afford not to undergo and assessment and guidance by a qualified professional?

Discover the clarity you need to make an informed decision about your future

Uncover where your passion and natural ability meet so that you can make subject choices as well as tertiary education decisions that support your dreams and help you to make an impact.

These in-depth sessions can be conducted in-person and online!

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